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About Bali


Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia as well as one of the leading tourist destination areas in the world. Bali is known for tourists as it has a very beautiful natural resources, among others, the tropical climate, green forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, rice fields and beautiful beaches with white sand and black variety. Besides, Bali is known also as a combination of human nature with its unique culture and tradition, which is based on the concept of harmony, and harmony that has embodied an aesthetic ideal condition and high quality.

Concurrent with the transition period to period prehistoric history, influences from Indian Hinduism in Indonesia is estimated to give a strong impetus to jump in Balinese culture. This transition, commonly referred to as the time between the Ancient Balinese 8th century to the 13th century, with very clear yet due to the influence of changing the intention of uniting the archipelago Majapahit late Palapa Oath of Gajah Mada in the early 13th century. Order of government and community structures suffer adaptation follows the pattern of the Majapahit rule. Balinese local culture clash and culture of Ancient Hindu Majapahit in Java from the decline of the Bali resulted in numerous matches in different regions of Bali. Slowly and surely, with capacity adjustment and mixing both parties, Bali managed to find patterns that fit the culture of thinking and environmental Bali.

Balinese culture development pattern in subsequent times, the colonial era and the era of independence, numerically follow the same groove that is receiving outside influences in the colors melting into the local culture.

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